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Black Literary Collective Launches at Youth Uprising

What is the Black Literary Collective? How did you come up with the concept? The Black Literary Collective (BLC) is a group of extremely diverse

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BBQing While Black Part 2 Brought the Vibe and the Politics

Early May, our world was shifted into a new outer-sphere as a video I shot featuring my husband and his friend dubbed BBQ Becky went super viral. Like, The Views Whoopi Goldberg commenting on video while laughing at the memes that exploded all over social media, viral.
This newest video of BBQing While Black Part 2 does not have a lot of barbecuing in it.
What was different about this event were the many subtle political statements. There was an art exhibit group called Alena Museum that put up an entire art exhibit to bring awareness of the eviction they are facing in West Oakland. They wanted to make a statement about gentrification pushing out artists.

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White Privilege Used to Fight Racially Charged Harassment at Lake Merritt

“She was saying things like, ‘We weren’t welcome in the area of the lake.’ She told me and Deacon that she owned Lake Merritt. Also, she said we were not welcomed to be there. I felt like she was saying Blacks weren’t welcome,” Smith said.

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