Panther Times was started in early 2018 inspired to recreate a community-based news and information source based on issues that touch on any of the original Black Panther ten points. The first post created for Panther Times was “White Privilege Used to Fight Racially Charged Harassment at Lake Merritt” written by Oakland native Joy Elan. The video recorded by Panther Times site manager and fellow community journalist Michelle Snider went viral from the site posting and made the infamous “BBQ Becky” meme worldwide with popularity and discussion on how Black people have been harassed and overly policed in public spaces. The article was referenced in Newsweek, among other publications.

Michelle Dione Snider runs the Panther Times site as an Oakland based documentarian of recent Black Panther events since 2016. Snider met former original Black Panther Party member Saturu Ned and has since built a working relationship with the Black Panther Legacy Keepers. Ned is co-founder of Black Panther Party Legacy Keepers, an org or former Panthers educating a new era of legacy keepers on the true Black Panther legacy, as well as co-founder of

Other Legacy Keepers are welcomed to write and submit content. Please send tips, information, and requests to All content on needs to represent the following; Does it apply to any of the original Black Panther Party ten points? Does it educate and/or information with the purpose of the liberation of Black people and all oppressed people around the world? Through observation and participation, the legacy of the Black Panthers is vast in its ability to transform social problems into actions and solutions.