Moms 4 Housing Are Not Taking Your Homes

Moms 4 Housing Are Not Taking Your Homes

Housing 4 Moms supporters paint signs in front of the West Oakland home on Jan. 10 after a press conference.

I’ve been standing in the middle of a homeless crisis, watching how everyone is responding to it. On one side are the politicians talking, taking too long to do anything about it. On the other side, we have groups of activists and organizations taking care of homeless encampments helping them relocate, spilling onto the city hall steps near the line where the politicians stand.

Housing advocates are not crossing the line because they’re loud and taking a stand.

Moms 4 Housing brought attention to a big problem; homes being bought from corporations and sitting on them like pieces in a chess game. 

Moms 4 Housing was willing to buy the house. Random people in the comments sections of articles about the moms occupying a vacant corporate-owned home in West Oakland were calling them names and saying they wished someone would take over their home so they can shoot them. No, what they are doing is different. The house wasn’t lived in. A company-owned it and didn’t have anyone occupying it. That’s different than if someone was living there and then they moved in. Unoccupied homes kept empty to inflate the housing market creating rising demand is a problem when there’s a housing crisis.

Two representatives for Houses 4 Moms, Dominique Walker (left) and her unnamed accomplice spoke at the rally after making making news for occupying a home in West Oakland that has been vacant for 2 years.

I pass homeless encampments every day and these are people who are priced out. Many do have jobs. People drive by and look out their windows or report them (the mayor too) as a problem.

People are trying to build accessory dwelling units and the City of Oakland has too many restrictions for us to do anything. Where is the money going to “fix the homeless” problem? People live in shabby buildings because they’re afraid of reporting their landlords and being evicted. This is not a way to live.

Young attendees hold a “evict the speculators!” sign in front of the MacArthur Commons

People tell them to go where it’s affordable, but a lot of people work in Oakland or nearby can’t afford to commute. They talk about what they would or wouldn’t do, but haven’t been in these situations to know what it’s like.

If you don’t have a solution to a statewide problem, STFU! 

I’m tired of people taking jabs at the homeless and the people willing to stand up against capitalism. You’re part of the problem. I don’t care if you worked hard for your home, but I can guess it’s not in Oakland, CA. So many people don’t want to leave and there’s a double standard for people of color who aren’t trying to be displaced. 

I applaud organizations like East Oakland Collective, ACCE, APTP, and so many others for putting themselves on the frontlines every day to help the citizens of Oakland who don’t have anywhere to go. I applaud the reporters at Post News Group, and other independent press for keeping us informed when the mainstream media focus on BS topics like the Raiders moving and President 45. I needed to vent and I just wanted to say that, I see you. 

The homeless crisis has sparked a revolution. People are tired of waiting for the government to fix a crisis. Nothing was ever accomplished from marching and asking the government for help. Everything was started by people who were fed up!

As for me, I’m sitting and observing. My role in the revolution is to be behind the scenes and educate people on what’s going on for those who can’t see the bigger picture. And if they still can’t see it, then fuck ‘em. I’d rather be the one helping contribute financially to get homeless the supplies they need, signing petitions, and enrolling my kid in a public school so we don’t lose another school to a charter, spending with local merchants, etc. I prefer to speak with the businesses I patronize.

There are ways to be a part of a revolution and you need to decide what works best for you. It’s going to take all of us who are frustrated with feeling helpless to make things happen. This affects everyone across the state, but as far as I know, Oakland is going hard for everyone and we’re seen as crazy and out of control.

No, this is survival and we’ll do whatever we have to in order to claim our place in this city. Today’s victory for Moms 4 Housing to start working out a deal to purchase the home from Wedgewood Inc. after Wedgewood Inc. met with California Governor Gavin Newsom due to all of the publicity the moms garnered is proof that we have the power to influence policies and change a broken system. This is just the beginning and they’re setting precedence. All Power To The People.

Supports of Moms 4 Houing hold a banner and stand in front of the home waiting for Alameda Sherriffs Department to evict them.
Supporters chant and sing in front of the home

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